Crypto-Friendly Governor DeSantis: People Have Right to Do Bitcoin

• Florida governor Ron DeSantis spoke about the citizens’ rights to use cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC).
• DeSantis noted that central planners want to regulate crypto out of existence.
• He added people should be able to do bitcoin, as they have privacy rights, and the government needs to be returned to the “people elected representatives.”

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Supports People’s Right To Use Cryptocurrencies

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis recently took part in a Twitter Space discussion with other venture capitalists and billionaire Elon Musk. During this discussion, he brought up the people’s right to use cryptocurrencies. He stated that those in power don’t like Bitcoin (BTC) because it represents a threat to them due to their inability to control it.

Central Planners Want To Regulate Crypto Out Of Existence

DeSantis noted that current regimes are attempting to regulate crypto out of existence. He believes that the government should be returned back into the hands of its people-elected representatives and that they should not be controlled by outside forces when it comes to their financial decisions.

People Should Be Able To Do Bitcoin

The pro-crypto Florida governor also said that people should have every right to do bitcoin as they have privacy rights which need protecting. If the current regime continues for another four years, DeSantis feels they may end up killing crypto altogether as it will become inoperable for the people.

Rise In Crypto Fraud Cases A Concern

The rise in crypto-related fraud cases has also been an issue of concern across many countries around the world, including in the UK where there has been an over 40% surge in these cases reported recently. This is why regulators like Ripple Defense Attorney have filed motions with SEC case withdrawals due to lack of clarity on regulations within this space yet.

Bitcoin Analyst Issues Warning

Finally, a Bitcoin analyst has issued a warning that if BTC dips below $24k then it could become inevitable due to market conditions at present so investors need to remain vigilant during this time period too going forward.