FLOKI Surges 25% on 2023 Roadmap Release, New Features Incoming

• FLOKI surges 25% on release of 2023 roadmap
• Roadmap includes native payments, burn mechanisms, and referral program
• Integration with lending protocol and DeFi protocol to enable token borrowing

FLOKI Price Surge Follows 2023 Roadmap Release

FLOKI, the rival token to SHIB, saw a 25% jump from 7 days ago after the announcement of its 2023 roadmap. The official FLOKI account declared that several projects outlined in the roadmap are close to being delivered.

Key Highlights of 2023 Roadmap

The FLOKI 2023 roadmap includes new features and upgrades to increase the token’s utility and accessibility. One key highlight is the introduction of native payments, burn mechanisms, and a referral program through an upcoming “FlokiFi Locker” update. An additional feature is integration with a lending protocol and DeFi protocol on BNB chain which will enable users to borrow other cryptocurrencies using their tokens. Lastly, a staking option is being explored which will allow token holders to participate in network governance and earn rewards.

Impact on Market Price

The surge in demand for FLOKI following the roadmap announcement was reflected in the price on OKX platform at $0.00002697 as of press time. The positive performance is also linked to bitcoin’s recent unexpected rise in price which has had an overall positive impact on the cryptocurrency market.

Security Measures

To ensure security measures are met before launching mainnet, Certik – a blockchain security assessor – has been granted access to review source code for FlokiFi Locker update.

Timeline & Progress

The team anticipates that integrations with lending protocol and DeFi protocols will go live as early as next week while bug reviews for staking are underway before releasing it publicly.