Spanish legislators gain crypto in a marketing action to promote cryptoactives

All 350 members of the Spanish Chamber of Deputies received the equivalent of EUR 1 in cryptomime

Spanish legislators gain cryptomoedas in a marketing action to promote cryptoNOTICS

Members of Spain’s Chamber of Deputies saw a surprise in their inboxes, the equivalent of 1 euro in crypto.

As reported by Spanish news agency ABC , the plan is led by Tutellus, a decentralised platform seeking to tokenise educational technology, and the Blockchain Observatory. The project aims to promote the use of cryptomorphs in the country.

The SEC’s conservative approach to cryptocaps needs to change,” says Hester Peirce of the SEC.
All 350 members of Spain’s lower house or Congress of Deputies received the equivalent of 1 euro in cryptomime in their e-mails. Miguel Caballero, founder of Tutellus, said the aim is to raise awareness about the future role of cryptomoeda in society:

“We have explained to the members that we are at Crypto Trader App a time of profound changes in the use of money, and we have highlighted the important role that cryptomoks have today.

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Caballero said that cryptomeda “is not a donation” and acknowledged that some members of the congress may be more familiar with cryptoactives. But for those who do not yet have experience with cryptomorphs, Caballero said, this is an opportunity to learn more.

Spain is not the first country to send cryptomoks to lawmakers. The Digital Chamber of Commerce’s political action committee (PAC) sent $50 in Bitcoins to all 541 members of Congress in early October, Decrypt reported.

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Spanish banks have been more interested in cryptomoedas and blockchain in recent years. Santander has partnered with Ripple for a blockchain-based payment platform, while Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria (BBVA) has launched a study to explore zero knowledge evidence and other cryptographic techniques.

The European Central Bank also announced that it would analyse a digital euro by 2021 and released a report analysing its possible impact on the retail market.